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Grief is a cycle and it can be caused by different situations. It is a sequential process going through different stages with frequent periods of sadness, guilt and self-pity in which the individual enters a circle that is very difficult to leave. Nevertheless, the mourner tends to return with some rejoicing to the thought that torments him.

This work was done through three performances, called "I'm wasting my time", "I can not recognize myself in the mirror" and "Too young to be acclaimed, too old to be emerging".

Blood is extracted from the body and used to write these harmful thoughts. Once dry, the surface is scratched so that the resulting powder returns to the body and completes the cycle. The way blood returns to the body is related to acts considered pleasant and potentially addictive. These acts are identified with drugs (smelling the dust), food (blood serves as a condiment for food) and sex (blood is spread in Chinese balls that are introduced into the vagina). As residual of these three actions, we have three photographic series with an identical format and design, which facilitates their cyclic reading.

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